The manufacture of flutes requires that the tube is homogenous, that is, every unit of area of the tube has the same density and thickness so that the passing of vibration will have the best result. When making a seamless tube, the straight tube is transformed into a taper shaped one, as a result, the extensiom of material will be uneven; Therefore, at the smaller head-joint end will be thicker whereas the larger end will be thinner, thickness difference is often approximately 0.4mm. As a consequence, the deliver and balance of sound will be limited. And that when hammered seamed tube was obtained, it's ductility had been determined, and also it's transformed from one taper tube into another taper tube so that it's thickness and density would be even, the resonance of the tube could be even.
A material with the same ingredients, even though the density was thought to be identical, in face it still had difference, which is density max and density min. During the procedure of making the seamless tube, there were many times of annealing and stretching that caused the density to be lower and the bonding force between metal atoms were weaker, and also when made into a flute head-joint , the expansionary of sound is also weaker. In addition, the material of a hammered seamed tubing, had been strongly hammered, atoms were made closer to one another and bonding forces was in turn strengthened, would have better sound effect if head-joint was made of this material.

The difference between a hammered
seamed tube and seamless tube:

The old masterpiece flutes were made by hammered seamed tubing head-joint, body and foot-joint with soldered tone holes. These flutes are with fully warm tone result of perfect combination with patience and a perfect attitude. Because hammered Seamed tubing is very difficult and time consuming manufacture. The Weissenberg Handmade Flutes offer the benefit of hammered seamed tubes that keep the Weissenberg Handmade Flutes with originally classic style and tone of flutes, and this obviate the difficulty to manufacture excellent Flutes.
The manufacture procedures of Original roll tubing(seamless tube) is generally as follows:
  • Obtain of material: purchase tube material from material factory
  • Fix tubes by tool : process one end of the tube into taper shape
  • Mould drawing: transform to taper tube on hydraulic tube drawing machine
  • Cut: cut the excess length of the tube on lathe
  • Polish: polish tube body for up coming procedures
Manufacture procedure of making hammered seamed tube is slightly difference from general procedure, the procedure is as follows:
  • Obtain of material: cut the desired size of trapezium
  • Tube forming: hand bend into a cylinder shape
  • Welding: weld the seam with high grade silver solder
  • Rounding: round the welded tube on a mold with hammered
  • The remaining procedure is precisely fixed by handcraft