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Jirawin Tongtewin (Saxy Tae) graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts / Western Music and a master’s degree in Art Education from Srinakharinwirot University.


He started his musical education in high school at the age of thirteen. Initially, he played the clarinet then switched to the saxophone. Also, participated in several national competitions. He is currently teaching woodwind classes at Naresuan University and saxophone at Saxsociety, from beginners to more advanced levels. Besides, He works as a musician by performing at events, weddings, clubs, or other music venues. Nowadays, he constantly composing and producing music for his first album, with producer Koh Mr.Saxman.


Here are the instruments, he used to play


* |Alto| Selmer Super Action SerieII, Yamaha 62s, TrevorJame Signature Custom

* |Tenor| Selmer SuperAction, Keilwerth sx90r, P.Mauriat 60ns

* |soprano| Selmer super action, Keilwerth sx90, P.mauriat sys76, Yamaha 675

* |Clarinet | Buffet Festival Bb/A


He always looks for modern saxophone to identify his music performance. Finally he found the Weissenberg “Taichi” SBS Universe. which he thought that it is the answer that he found and has played almost year until now. Apart from Tachi, another model that he is currently working on “Saxroom” A-500, Galaxy is very helpful to his students and someone Who loves Saxophone. He has the confidence that they are the best quality Saxophone in Thai market. This is an honor to be a part of Weissenberg family.