The establishment of the brand Weissenberg could be traced back to 1979, with the spirit of independent entrepreneurship, the team set up the Coming Musical instrument store, and its main objective was to teach instruments and run instrument distribution associated business. Due to the extension and need of business, the company changed their name to Coming Musical Instrument Co., Ltdon 6th of August 1986. The firm focused on import and export businesses of musical instruments, particularly Taiwan's Percussion instruments and wind instruments (saxophones and flutes).


With the growth in sales, years of market experience were built up. However, we discovered that Taiwan's manufacturer had not much advantage when it comes to competing with other country within this industry. The crisis faced by Taiwan manufacturer was that almost every company makes products for other foreign brands and consequently, Taiwanese companies did not own an innovative brand of products. We believed that every industry sees their own brand as an important achievement, so that only have a brand of our own meets the spirit of setup an independent business in the beginning. Regardless of the difficulties of founding a new brand, the team only hoped to develop better instruments for general public. As a result, the brand Weissenberg was established in 1989, it was named Weissenberg because of the team traveled to Frankfurt German many times to participate musical instrument show, and traveled to the city Wuerzburg many times as well, and the city had strong atmosphere of German traditional art, and this touched the team deeply, and thus the team decided to name the brand after the city Wuerzburg. The team produced and created the brand Weissenberg on the basis of the art atmosphere given out by the city and the spirit of German tradition craft technology.
The team along with several outstanding saxophone and flute manufacturing technicians develop representative products of Weissenberg together, and earned support from many foreign clients, technicians and friends. Most importantly, the team received lots of technical guidance of producing from Europe and America and the evaluation and suggestion of performing manipulation from performers, especially in the demand of materials and various unique designs, and which are approved and admired by specialists. Taken these experts’ evaluation and suggestions into consideration, the team again develops and put effort in refining the quality, and became a competent rival for famous brands from France, Japan and America. By the efforts and persistence given by the team to Weissenberg, it is believed that Weissenberg will receive more approve and support from music lovers from all over the world!