The WEISSENBERG saxophones are manufactured at Huo-Li The birthplace of Taiwan’s saxophones


The Weissenberg saxophone was manufactured at Huo-Li, the birthplace of Taiwan's saxophone, and is one of the manufacture stations of saxophone in the world. In the prosperous period, the annul output of the factories there reached more than thirty thousand, occupying approximately one third of the global market.
Therefore the advantage of our Weissengerg saxophone is that we posses the essence of tradition technique passed down from Europe, America and Japan, together with the honor of designing saxophone, the unique characteristic of the our Weissenberg was then developed.
Because over 65% of the components of a saxophone had to be hand made, in order to elavate the precision, after years of research and development, from manufacture, repair to performance,
Weissenberg saxophone had walked into a new phase of the combination of innovated technique and the pass down of culture creativeness, then integrate with the technical guidance from Germany and the evaluation and suggestions from many performers, we believed that Weissenberg saxophone definitely would be able to compete with those famous brands from Europe, America and Japan.
Above are some of the actual manufacture procedure of our firm, quenching, silver welding, tube extrusion, hole rim polishing, surface polishing, coloring, tube carving, assembly, adjusting and etc. Every detail are completed by factory technicians with great effort and years of technique, in the hope that every visitor can feel their and our heart and sincerity.