An acclaimed Korean saxophonist whose music freely crosses over to the classical, jazz, pop, and CCM, Psalm-Jong Shim has given recitals at the Arts Club of Washington, Baltimore War Memorial Hall, and Strathmore Manson and performed with Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia Ulan Ude Symphony Orchestra, Seoul National Symphony Orchestra, W. Philharmonic Orchestra, National Orchestra of Korea, Cheongju Korean Music Orchestra. After graduating from the College of Music at Hanyang University, Shim received a Masters’ degree in Classical Saxophone Performance and a G.P.D diploma at the Peabody Conservatory at the Johns Hopkins University, studying with Professor Gary Louie, an internationally renowned classical saxophone soloist.
Shim has founded Ensemble INIZ that has successfully merged artistic originality and popularity of chamber music, and has also established and conducted Sounds of Heaven Saxophone Orchestra for amateur saxophonists. Recently, he was appointed as artistic director and principal conductor for Bucheon Wind Symphony Orchestra. Shim has been performing at MBC Beautiful Concert, KBS Radio, CBS Make Us New, CTS Happy Everyday, C Chanel, and CGNTV. He has so far published four CDs, Psalm-Jong Shim Hymn & Gospel Saxphone I and II and The Classical Saxophone I and The Classical Saxophone II, offering the general public a fascinating world of saxophone music. Shim is an adjunct professor of wind instruments at the College of Music, Hanyang University.