Simon Wu is the top jazz musician in Shanghai China. Originally Shanghai Conservatory-trained Chinese instrumentalist, he was inspired by the music of jazz legends Cannonball Adderely and Sonny Stitt to change his instrument to the saxophones. After studying the instrument at Tokyo University in Japan, he returned to his native Shanghai and has been working around the city’s world-famous cosmopolitan cultural scene leading his own ensembles and working with the top jazz musicians of China. Simon Wu has studied and performed in Tokyo as well as Shanghai, where he has been a major figure for some years. Leading the saxophone section of the Shanghai All Star Big Band has been just one of the high-profile gigs for this energetic and soulful player.

Saxophonist Simon Wu is a graduate of Shanghai Conservatory of music. In 1996 Simon organized the first local Jazz band called “Walking Five” in Shanghai, performed at a lot of five star hotel and Jazz club. When the ex-president Mr. Clinton visited to Shanghai, he enjoyed Simon’s performing. Once he has performed with Vic Vogel Jazz band from Canada at Shanghai Grand Theater, and also has played with the famous trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. In 1999 recorded first CD album called “Jam in Shanghai”. In 2000 he went to Japan to study Jazz theory at Tokyo music collage and in those days he performed with a lot of great Japanese musicians.
After coming back to Shanghai, performed at Hilton hotel,In Apr. 2003 ,he held several concert with American musicians at Shanghai music hall etc. In Sep. 2004, his band joined to 1st HongQiao Jazz Festival in Shanghai and Oct,he joined to Asian American Jazz Festival in Chicago USA, he is the first Chinese Jazz musician invited by USA.In Sep 2005.2006,joined to Shanghai FuXin Jazz Festival,In Jun.2007,he joined to GenTin international Jazz Festival in Malaysia.In Oct,joined to Shanghai TongLe Jazz Festival.

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