Scorpion, enthusing in his own pursuit , handling the complex situations with ease, being dedicated to everything that he undertakes, and his willpower goes beyond what most people can expect. In the realm of flute, he has studied many disciplines, especially in flute performance, flute pedagogy, flute ensemble music, and also detailed understanding of the structure and acoustics of flute, and he has earned the name of Dr. Flute, is a well-rounded flute expert, has contributed to the fields of flute music, education and related instruments significantly.

In order to pursue the perfect sounds of flute ensemble, majority of time, money and effort have been invested into the research of Bass Flute, studied the components and structure of it, improve the pitch and sound quality, modify numerous internal components; therefore, raised the performance quality of Bass Flute, and as a result, making a up-grade instrument for performing solo.
In addition, making the Bass Flute into a vertical design has elevated the level of convenience for performance. This is a tremendous and gorgeous revolution for Bass Flute.