I would like to share this Weissenberg Titanium harmonica to every player. The tension of this titanium harmonica is more than enough. Without too much effort, you can get a very large feedback while playing. You can easily get started in this harmonica.

The sound of this harmonica is more solid and bright compared with other normal metal harmonicas. It has a very unique resonance. This harmonica fits both lead or accompaniment play and also a harmonica perfect for practice and performance.

You can play smoothly and lip friendly with this harmonica because of its one piece design of body. You don’t need to worry too much about the scratch problem of plates because they are satin finish. It’s very durable. This titanium harmonica is made of pure titanium. It’s safe and non-toxic, you can enjoy this harmonica. I really recommend the Weissenberg Titanium Harmonica to every one.