Wang Youwei Ph.D has developed a passion for music and the saxophone since his childhood. He was taught by several distinguished musicians: Professor Yang Can, the Director of the School of Social Music, Central Philharmonic Orchestra; Professor Burkatsky Zinovy ​​Pavlovich, the Deputy Dean of Odessa State Conservatory of Music, Ukraine; Professor M. Shaposhnikova, the founder of the Saxophone School of Russia; and Professor Jean-Marie Londeix, reputed as the world’s greatest living saxophone player.

    Wang Youwei has premiered many works, such as Moscow City Rail, A Subway Named Mobius and Chinese Dream - Rhapsody, which collaborated with famous Russian composers B.Donatov, E. Sadykow and D.Borodaev. These works have been performed several times at many well known venues in Russian, including the State Theatre in Moscow, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall of Moscow, the Concert Hall of St. Petersburg, the Concert Hall of Moscow State University and the Pushkin National Museum. Also, Wang Youwei has composed, arranged and adapted many other works, including My 4.33, Bifzivkar sonataOriental Charm · Carmen, Fantasia of the Silk Road, The True-Hearted and Chinese Symphony Suite, which assisted in opening western countries understanding of Chinese multi-culturalism, triggered interest in researching Chinese culture, and opened a new chapter of adapting and composing saxophone music with Chinese elements.

    Recently, Wang Youwei was invited to work as a judge of the second Jinbao International Music Festival, the first International Saxophone Festival and the Russian Pushkin International Saxophone Competition in 2017. In the same year, he was chosen as part of the China Post Famous Stamp Series for “Prosperous Huaxia, charming China” Culture. In 2018 and 2019,  he was invited to work as a judge of the 3rd and 4th Russian “Northern Rhapsody” International Wind and Percussion Music Competition. In 2019, he was invited to serve as a judge of the 10th International Saxophone & Clarinet Competition of Serbia and in the following year, he was invited to be a judge of the Serbian International Music Competitions.

   In 2018 and 2019, he started a tour in China (his tour in China has covered 19 provinces and 47 cities so far) under the invitation of  China • HAI LUN piano Group. Again in 2019, he was selected to be on the limited China Post edition series for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic (1949-2019). In November 2019, he was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music by the Russian Federation World Music Heritage Organizing Committee.

 Using his skills and wide experience, Wang Youwei participated in compiling College Music Foundation, the Ministry of National Education’s textbook for the 13th Five-Year Plan for Higher Education. He translated, compiled and arranged several other textbooks including: Saxophone Teaching Approach,Hello-Aldophe Sax 200th Anniversary New Music Saxophone Solo. These books were published by various publishers including Taiwan Yuansheng International Press, Moscow Music Publishing House and Moscow Modern Music Press. He was also featured on the Russian State Television Music Channel which made a special report which dubbed him as “An Oriental Saxophonist Who Lets Picasso’s Artworks Speak”.

  Saxophone Tutor of Moscow State University Department of ArtsDirector of Jean-Marie LONDEIX  International Saxophone Institute, Lishui University