• Specially customized the perfect torque for Weissenberg Harmonicas
  • Let CLICK Tell You When the Torque is Reached!
  • Quick release! Simply pull the bit outward to change new bit
  • Perfect positioning in the bits
  • A Secure hold, you’ll never second-guess
  • A precision torque tool is only as good as its results
  • There is a magnet function inside the grip. Make storage more easily
  • With proper testing equipment and system, we can ensure you never have to question our products accuracy and quality
  • User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling


Width 93mm Torque Adapter x 1
Diameter 12mm/19.5mm Flathead Driver Bit(3) X 1
Weight 65g (not include driver bit) Phillips Driver Bit(PH.0) X 1
Torque 0.08Nm Star Driver Bit(TX6) X 1
(Special custom made for Weissenberg Harmonica) Star Driver Bit(TX7) X 1