Veronika Semylit is from Cherkasy, Ukraine. She is well known as a saxophonist who is capable of various styles of music. Artist name is “Nikki Sax”. She is the first female artist of Weissenberg Saxophone.

Veronika was born on the 8th of September 1997. She studied saxophone at the pop and jazz music faculty of Cherkasy music college. She’s been a bandsman and soloist of the Cherkasy Big Band, participated in and won top awards at Ukrainian and international music festivals and competitions.

In recent years she works in different countries with different styles of music (performed in India, Thailand, Turkey,  Cyprus, Jordan, Latvia, Netherlands, France and all over Ukraine). In December 2018 she signed with Skytown Records and in January 2019 released her first single (cover version of “Havana”) for U-Nam’s project “Call Me Saxy” (Los Angeles).

In July 2019, she became an endorser of Weissenberg saxophones.