I have been often thinking about a question in my 30 years harmonica career that is why can we produce our own harmonica in Taiwan. Is that because of market considerations or no one want to try. Then we set up our goal and began our dream…. After I contacted with R & D team of Weissenberg, finally I got an opportunity to make my dream come true.

I’m a professional harmonica player, so we based on the user as a starting point to research and develop Weissenberg harmonica and we insisted to use the most advanced materials to manufacture. After over and over tests, we develop from nothing to unique and unmatched harmonica products- The first pure titanium tremolo harmonica and sterling silver tremolo harmonica of the world come out.

This proves that the insistence and the spirit of innovation of the beginning are worth it.

“Made in Taiwan” is not just a slogan for us. This represents our spirit to create the road to exquisite harmonica in Taiwan. Precision Industrial Technology of Taiwan, valuable opinion of world-class harmonica player and insistence innovative ideas of our team, combining these three, we work very hard to move forward to the road of the high quality harmonica. I wish Weissenberg could excel in the harmonica market of the world and we will continue to strive for excellence!