“Weissenberg cannot be compared to other brands because it has its own distinct taste, tone and feel. Of all the saxophones I’ve tried, this saxophone makes you feel like you. And with no bias, the best saxophone I’ve ever played. Made with so much love and passion. ”

 -Yeshuah Quizo

Yeshuah C. Quizo, born in 1995, is from a place called Dumaguete in the Philippines. He is in a family of five and is the youngest. This family of his is very unique because unlike most families, they sing together like a choir ensemble and can all read music and even play musical instruments. And to add to that, around 2009 to 2012, his family has been touring around the Philippines having concerts to help raise funds for schools and churches. With him being in a very musical family, when he entered high school, his dad decided that he should know how to play an instrument in the marching band.

So in 2008, at the age of 13 his father enrolled him into a two month summer training program, for band instruments. And this is when he first got to learn the saxophone. The training program was very basic and was more concentrated in reading music. So from then on he has been teaching himself the saxophone. After being in the marching band for two years, Yeshuah was already part of the marching, concert and jazz band in Silliman University.
And on his 3rd year playing the saxophone, he started being part of other local bands outside the University and even started having his own solo gigs. When Yeshuah moved up to college, he was not interested to take a music course at all, so he enrolled in architecture for one whole year but soon realized that music was his calling. So currently, Yeshuah is a graduate of Silliman University, with a bachelor's degree in Music major in Composition and Arranging.

He has been part of many bands and other performing groups such as the Silliman University Marching, Concert and Jazz Band, Campus Choristers and Mens Glee Club. He has also been part of many musicals both instrumentalist and as part of the main cast as well. As of this date, Yeshuah has been a traveling musician, both in the Philippines and abroad. Amd is currently based in the United States of America working for the world biggest cruise company, Carnival Cruise Lines, as a saxophone/flute player.