Kang Gi Man - Saxophonist, Professor

Kang Gi Man is a Korea's leading saxophonist and is a professor in the brilliant performance overwhelm the eye is not satisfied with the stage of senses listen and learn, as well as the general public, the amateur saxophone to the more popular artist.

Showing the audience's attention is focused on his saxophone playing is easy to watch, and on the other hand, is staged musical of his concert video and dance, lighting, art and music, the band appears to have a comprehensive view.

As judges, various saxophone contest held in Korea, and his exceptional abilities is getting impressions and resonating of the participants as a fair examination of the saxophone contributed to increase the quality of the contest.

His book, “A Saxophone Journey with Kang Gi Man” is a best seller in the saxophone handbook; a detailed description can be easily understood from the beginner to the higher was leading saxophone education culture.

With the Internet, learning the saxophone video training site Kang Gi Man Saxophone School (www.kgmschool.com) has members more than 10 thousand presented a new paradigm of teaching Internet power site.

  • Professor, Western Christian University in USA
  • Playing, Oxford University invited,
    - Oxford University, documentary and music video production team.
  • Asiana International Short Film Festival opening ceremony performance.
  • Asia International Youth Film Festival Closing Ceremony Performance
  • CBS Amateur Saxophone Gospel Contest Judges
  • Fortune Art Valley Saxophone Competition Jury
  • Republic of Korea Saxophone Competition Jury
  • MBC Radio "Starry Night " – Kang Gi Man’s Music Sketch
  • Worked as a Good News People, the Beautiful People, and as a Columnist of the Southern Seaside News Paper.
  • Album Vol 4
    1 - Hymns for you, 2 - Dear Kenny G, 3 - Saxophone paradise, 4 - Philosophy
  • Books 4
    - “A Saxophone Journey with Kang Gi Man”, “Hymns for You”, “Dear Kenny G”, “Saxophone paradise”